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What to Do if the Ceiling Is Sagging

Does your property have a sagging ceiling? Upon closer examination, you might find some signs of damage, such as cracks or discolouration, that may indicate a problem that requires ceiling repair in Perth. When we ignore the importance of maintaining ceilings, situations like sagging ceilings tend to occur.

If your plasterboard ceiling appears to be sagging or pillowed, it is of urgent concern, as it will eventually collapse. The longer a ceiling is allowed to sag, the greater the risk. In order to protect your family from injury caused by a collapsed ceiling, you should fix the sagging ceiling. First, you need to find the source.

A sagging ceiling should be evaluated by professionals as soon as possible if you see any signs. A timely diagnosis could save you from higher ceiling repair in Perth costs in the future. Here are some of the leading causes of a sagging ceiling:

Leaking Roof or a Water Damaged Ceiling

Ceilings can become water-damaged due to leaking roofs. This can cause the insulation fibres to soak up water and pile onto the plasterboard ceiling if it happens continuously. This will damage the building structure or worse, hurt your family if the ceiling is pushed further until it breaks. You need to get your ceiling inspected if you notice stains or mould growing slowly on it.

Termites And White Ants

You may need to replace your ceiling if you have termites or white ants. Termites can wreak havoc on the wooden structure of a house, causing immense structural damage. Even though they are small, they can break a structure made of wood if you give them the time. Sagging ceilings in Perth are often caused by termites. Get rid of the termites as soon as possible through a professional pest control company. Then you can contact companies that specialise in Perth ceiling repairs.

Vibrations Caused by Garage Doors

The vibrations of garage doors can cause damage to garage ceilings over time. Rolling garage doors and panel lifts cause repetitive movements that can cause the ceilings to sag. As a result of the movements, the ceiling can crack.

Moving Structures

Seasonal changes influence the temperature, which also affects the movement of building materials. Because of temperature fluctuations, foundations can expand and contract. As a result, the ceiling may stretch, crack, or even sag, even though the movements themselves are mostly undetectable.


Older buildings may suffer from ceiling degradation. An older building will be more prone to damage if it has more spidery cracks on its ceiling than a new one. Old adhesives won’t be of much use when the house becomes older. 

What to Do About a Sagging Ceiling

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