Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

Congratulations to you for the upcoming wedding ceremony! It surely one of the biggest milestones in your life because you are going to start a new life adventure with your loved one. The wedding reception is the moment that every bride and groom want to be immortalized in a frame or digital images, that’s why wedding photography plays an important role to capture every moment.

Whilst, the professional in wedding photography has many experiences on which moment that should be captured during the wedding reception but you can always add a little bit of your touch of preferences because it’s your party. Therefore, we can help you to spot moments that should be captured on the big day.

Wedding Moments Checklist

Getting Ready Checklist

Once you are awake on the big day that is the sign of the “Getting ready moment”. A professional photographer should have been ready at your side even before you are awake so that they won’t miss any details of getting ready moment. Here are some of the getting ready moment that should be captured:

  1. The bride opening the wedding morning gift while getting a hair-do
  2. Opening champaign bottle with bridesmaids
  3. The bride and bridesmaids getting their make-up done
  4. Close-up shot putting on perfume
  5. Putting on the jewellery
  6. Bridesmaids or bridals helping the bride get dressed
  7. Bridal shoes close-up shot
  8. A close-up shot of the finished bride’s make-up
  9. The bride ready to go or exiting the make-up room
  10. The happy faces of the bridesmaids while waiting for the bride
  11. The father seeing the bride for the first time
  12. Close-up shot of the wedding bouquet
  13. The details while the groom getting ready
  14. Close-up shot of the groom’s outfit and accessories
  15. The empty ceremony room before the wedding takes place
  16. Close-up the rings shot

Wedding Ceremony Checklist

When it comes to the main event, you need to make sure that every moment and details should be captured. Every laughter, tears, joy and other expressions from everyone who attends the wedding. While this might be a little be too much but we have listed the important moments that should be captured on the wedding ceremony:

  1. Do aerial shots of the wedding venue
  2. Bride arrival shots
  3. Bride and bridesmaid’s moment while they preparing to enter the venue
  4. The groom and his best men waiting at the altar
  5. The bride and her father walking down the aisle moment
  6. The page boys and flower girls following the bride walking down the aisle
  7. The father giving the bride to the groom
  8. The bride and groom first look at each other
  9. Stock shots of the guests’ reactions and expressions
  10. The guests’ applauding
  11. Close-up shot of the ring bearer
  12. Close-up shot of the groom reciting the wedding vow
  13. Ring exchanging moment
  14. Absolutely the first kiss shot
  15. Signing on the marriage registration paper
  16. The couple walking down the aisle while getting the confetti


With the list above you can be sure that your photographer will know what the details that you want to be captured on your wedding day. When the wedding ceremony is over, normally in a couple days, the professional photographer will send you the photobooks along with framed pictures per your selection. However, as these printed pictures can easily be deteriorated it would be best to preserve in a digital format. Look for the professional photo scanning service in your local area where they can easily digitize them for you. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.