Tree Stump Need Removing?

If you have had to have a tree removed due to decay or it hanging to close to neighbouring properties or power lines, you will be left with a stump which does not always fit in with the look of your garden. Some people will make a feature of out it, or just leave it as is, particularly if it is out of the way in a corner of the garden. For others, though, they want to get rid of it and look for a cheaper way to do it.

When you are left with a tree stump, it can be tempting to use chemicals for stump removal. Many people like the idea of something cheap that they can do at home rather than pay for tree stump removal cost.

However as tempting as it may seem, chemical stump removals are not as effective as you may think and specialised tree arborists like the ones we supply at Atlanta Tree Removal service is by far the better option.

Chemical Stump Removers work by speeding up the decay of the tree stump by decomposing the lining of the stump.  As you can imagine, these removers accomplish this task by using a range different chemicals such as potassium nitrate, antacid or sulfiting agents. Here at Atlanta Tree Removal Service, we use tried and tested conventional principles of practice.

While chemical removals may seem like an efficient method, it is by no means a quick one. In fact the decaying process can often take up to several years. Live stumps will naturally take longer to decay than dead or large stumps.

Furthermore, many of the chemicals are hazardous and can cause skin irritations or health problems if breathed in or consumed. If you are using a chemical stump removal, ensure you follow the manufacturers guidelines to the letter. Always use safety garments, gloves, goggles and a mouth mask to protect yourself from harmful components. Keep away from children and pets during but also for quite a period of time after application.

To ensure complete safety, prompt stump removal and tree removal, you will be better off calling us. Experts in tree removal, stump removal and tree lopping, we have long been established as the go-to company for quick and cost-effective solutions to all your garden needs.

Stump grinding is a safer and more effective means of tree stump removal. When carried out by knowledgeable and experienced tree surgeons, you can get the job done quickly and hassle-free. You don’t need to worry about your pets or children coming into contact with harmful chemicals and you’re protecting the environment at the same time.

As a reputable tree removal service provider, here at Atlanta Tree Services, we have a team of dedicated and professional arborists in Perth with full qualifications and know-how to handle stump grinding Perth.

We have dealt with thousands of trees and pride ourselves on our reputation for quality, reliability and skill. Our dedicated team is always ready to offer you top quality advice and handy hints and tips on the best course of action for your tree removal and stump removal needs. Simple call on us and we will visit you, inspect the tree and create a tailor made solution guaranteed to please.