green waste removal methods to consider

Three Methods of Green Waste Removal to Consider

Garden waste and other organic waste are considered green waste, since they are biodegradable and compostable. If you need garden waste removal in Melbourne, you can use council green bins, burn it off, or hire a professional rubbish removal company such as 1Call Rubbish Removal.

The following blog post will provide you with more information about these three major methods of green waste removal, along with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Three Major Methods of Green Waste Removal

Local Council Bins

Your local council can provide you with dedicated green waste bins that are usually collected every two weeks or once a month. They can be used for lawn clippings, weeds, leaves, bark, and mulch, as well as dead flowers and small branches and twigs. 

This form of garden waste removal in Melbourne is good for ongoing maintenance of your yard, but they lack volume and you can’t get green waste removal on demand, like you can with professional rubbish removal in Melbourne. To learn more about your local council’s specific green bin policies and any associated costs, we recommend you contact them.

Burning Off Your Green Waste

It is possible to burn organic waste and green waste if you follow strict guidelines and regulations. It has a number of limitations, however. Besides generating pollution and leaving a pile of ashes, burning also poses the risk of starting a fire. You must adhere to all rules and regulations if you intend to burn off green waste.

Professional Green Waste Removal in Melbourne

A rubbish removal company can provide fast and convenient green waste removal. A green waste removalist can help you get rid of weeds and shrubs, as well as branches and vegetation. Your waste can be collected from your property and transported to a facility for proper disposal. To make your life easier, you can schedule collections at a time that’s convenient for you.

Green Waste Removal in Melbourne Made Simple

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