Stump Grinding Perth

Having an old, diseased or in the way tree cut down and removed is a specialist process best left to experts, but it’s only a part of the process. Once the majority of the tree is gone, you are still left with a tree stump and roots in the ground, and that’s when you need the professional services of a stump grinding Perth company.

Stump Grinding Perth - Tree Stump Removal | Natalie Interior

What Is Stump Grinding?

Tree stump grinding is basically as the name suggests. A stump is ground into manageable pieces for easier removal from the earth and then disposed of. When you organise stump grinder hire through Just Trees Perth, we arrive with the latest in stump grinding equipment and grind down the stump to below ground level so it no longer presents a hazard or is visible. As an extra service the tree roots can also be removed, but often this is not necessary.

Why You Need Stump Grinding Perth

For starters, a tree stump sticking out of the ground can present a hazard. Aside from that, the mere appearance of it is rather ugly. A dead tree stump can become a haven for ant’s nest and undesirables such as termites. If trees have been cleared to make way for construction, then a tree stump is simply going to be in the way. Another point to consider is that a tree stump that’s not removed could very well start to grow again.

Just Trees Perth for Tree and Stump Removal

For the very best stump grinding Perth you can’t go past the experts at Just Trees Perth. We grind stumps 25cm below ground level, after which the hollow can be filled with top soil. We have the equipment to remove tree stump sizes from small to large, so no job is beyond our capability.

Our courteous and professional team is highly experienced. Complete customer satisfaction is our aim, and our services are fully insured for your peace of mind.

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