Why Renovate When You Can Resurface & Save Money

Perth Kitchen Resurfacing cabinet and bathroom resurfacing service in Perth gives you the bathroom you always wanted at a fraction of the price you anticipated.

We all know that bathroom renovations aren’t cheap. There is the cost of tearing out and removal of the hardware and your old bathroom suite. The cost of the new suite plus installation, tiler, and painter. The added accessories like shower screen, fancy taps, heated towel rail and steam-proof mirrors adds even more to your already stretched budget.

However this isn’t your only option. More and more people are turing to bathroom and cabinet resurfacing as a way of sprucing up the bathroom and saving a fortune in the process.

Resurfacing Give Many Colour Option

Whether you’re tired of the colour scheme, want a bigger bath or shower or have chipped, cracked or damaged bathroom fixtures and fittings, here at Perth Kitchen Resurfacing we can meet your needs and design aesthetic with top quality materials, outstanding service and work that is guaranteed.

Tile resurfacing, bathroom and cabinet resurfacing saves not only money but also time. The time constraints of completely renovating your bathroom can be stressful and take a toll. Delays in delivery and unexpected problems can seem inevitable and that is something you don’t need to put yourself through in order to get the bathroom you have dreamed of.

Bathroom Resurfacing Take a Shorter Time

Our bathroom tile resurfacing in Perth will give your bathroom an instant makeover. With a variety of colours and options of feature walls, the possibilities are limitless and speed of delivery is a bigger advantage than replacing all the tiles in your bathroom.

By booking in a bathroom resurfacing service Perth, you will have access to so many more options in terms of better fittings and accessories due to the huge savings you’ll make. All of this extra money to spend on the finer details will go a long way to elevating your bathroom.

You can even book in cabinet resurfacing so you don’t have to spend any money on a brand new vanity. You choose from a range of colours and styles to suit your design ideas.

Professional and Experiences Team

Our expertise and experience from our bathroom resurfacing service in Perth means you can completely revitalise your bathroom and get exactly the results you want. We offer a range of resurfacing options and we only use the highest quality materials such as our highly durable polymer coating to resurface Porcelain, Fibreglass, Formica and other surfaces. This ensures you’re left with a superior, long-lasting finish.  The resurfacing will not only make your bathroom look as good as new, it also offers superior protection against chemical staining and impact and all our work is guaranteed!