better waste management solutions

4 Quick Steps for Better Waste Management Solutions

Increasing urbanisation and population growth are driving an increase in waste production each year. By 2050, global waste will increase by 70 percent on current levels if urgent action is not taken and proper Waste management solutions adopted by residents and businesses alike.

Plastic is particularly problematic. The pollutants will contaminate and affect waterways and ecosystems for hundreds, if not thousands, of years if they are not collected and handled properly. Everyone has a responsibility to develop eco waste solutions to help prevent these harmful materials reaching landfill sites.

Developing better waste management solutions does not have to be complicated or involve huge changes in your lifestyle or business operations. In many cases, eco waste solutions can involve simple changes that will benefit your life. Here are some waste management solutions that will help you play your part in adopting eco waste solutions that will help the local community – and the world.

Collect and Segregate

Sorting wastes by type and storing them in different places is known as segregation. This process will help raise awareness of different types of waste. Not all wastes are the same, and not all wastes can be disposed of the same way. By separating recyclable and reusable materials, it is easier to ensure less waste reaches landfill sites and more reaches the correct recycling centre. 

Decrease How Much Waste You Create

It is impossible to avoid creating waste completely. Every product will eventually be thrown away. In order to reduce waste generation, use reusable products. Avoid purchasing single-use products. Not only will you help the environment, but it will also save you money by not having to constantly replace single-use items.

Whenever Possible, Recycle Your Waste

The recycling process involves converting wastes into new materials or products. There are many ways you can recycle without a lot of effort. Ensure you are using the council-issued recycling bins. Take bottles and cans to a recycling centre for money in your pocket. Start a compost pile for organic waste so you can feed your garden. Little bits go a long way.

Hire a Professional Eco Waste Solutions Service

You will save both time and money by using ECO Resources’ services. You will also be helping the environment. We are one of WA’s leading recycling companies, and we make sure that waste collection in Perth is provided in a cost-effective and efficient manner for our customers. 

We sort all waste collected rigorously to ensure that all recyclable materials are recovered. Get in touch with ECO Resources today to learn more about waste removal services in Perth.