Professional Child Contact Services Perth

The development and well-being of children are of utmost importance after their parents are separated for any reason. The child contact services that we provide have supervised contact services by our trained team of professionals who create a safe environment for them and support them to bridge a healthy relationship with both parents. The children and family services Perth are served under the governance of supervised visitation providers which are child-focused and create a positive balance while the child interacts with their parents; this significantly helps in creating a positive bond and a stronger relationship.

The primary target that we mainly aim at is to guide the parents to develop significant ways that suit them best to manage and make arrangements to contact the child that proves to be most beneficial for them, as well as the child. Our staff conducts various interviews for analyzing and assessing the child needs and desires. The children who require orientation are visited on the requirement. In certain cases, the visits can be made outside or at homes but under our supervised contact service norms. Some of the conditions under which we conduct a supervised meeting between the child and the parents are as follows

Our expert and trained team of professional staffs supervise and guide the parents to meet and fulfill the legal orders passed by the court in matters relating to the child and ensure that the interest of the child is given focus and is considered to be of utmost importance. We aim to bridge the gap between a child and their non-custodial parenting in the healthiest way to bring them closer to each other and resolve all disputes to build a better future for both the parties together.