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The modern day marine vessel is full of electrical components and power-hungry equipment; such as refrigerators and other appliances. Keeping all this gear up and running can be challenging. Both small boats and larger ones require a power generator to operate all the accessories. If you are looking for power generators Perth for your craft, then get in touch with the power generator services experts at D-Tech Mechanical & Contracting, your marine and power generation specialists.

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Choosing the Right Power Generators, Perth

AC power generators are what’s commonly used on vessels today. DC is now virtually extinct. For smaller vessels you can use an inverter to transform DC current from the batteries into AC power to run accessories and appliances. Larger vessels will likely require a marine power generator and an inverter.

Hydraulic drive generators are more suited to smaller boats with intermittent power needs, and the frequency power output of the generator you need really depends on its fixed engine speed. Four pole generators operating at 1800 rpm for US standards are the most common, being quiet and fuel efficient for long haul trips.

You also need to choose the right size generator for your vessel. Too small and it’ll get overloaded. Too large and it’ll be running under-loaded. You need to speak with the power generators, Perth experts at D-Tech to choose just the right power generator for your needs.

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Our company are an integral part of the CAT Concierge Service dealer network for Caterpillar marine engines and Caterpillar generator repair. We offer the very best in expert marine mechanic Perth and repair services.

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