The Perks of Lawn Sand

Lawn Sand

If you need some sand to act as a bedding for your turf, then lawn sand in Perth is the choice for you. It is an incredibly versatile option and has been the favored choice for golf courses, ovals, pitches, and even gardens across the country. With quick and easy sand delivery in Perth at great prices, there’s no reason why you can’t have the best lawn on the block.

What is Lawn Sand Made of?

Lawn sand in Perth consists of three components: sand (of course) as well as sulfate of ammonia and sulfate of iron. The sand doesn’t offer any benefits for the lawn itself but as merely acts as a vehicle for the sulfates which in turn benefits the lawn hugely. The largest contributor to the mix is a sulfate of iron which has the propensity to kill moss, green the lawn, suppress disease, and repel earthworms. The sulfate of ammonia is not quite as useful but still has many fantastic properties as it is rich in nitrogen. This means that it encourages luscious grass growth and helps the damaged lawn recover quickly and effectively.

What Is It Used For?

Lawn sand is used in a wide variety of ways but most typically it is applied by dressing the top of the prospective lawn and turf. Usually, people are drawn to this type of turf in order to take advantage of its ability to ward off disease and prevent the growth of weeds. It can also be used on patchy, uneven grass in order to stimulate growth and repair damaged areas.

When Should Lawn Sand be Applied?

Although the ideal time to apply the sand will depend on what function is most important to you, it is usually best applied when the weather begins to get warmer, so between September and November. This is especially necessary if your primary goal is moss control. Winter, in particular, is a time to avoid. Cold weather will inhibit the absorption of the sulfate of ammonia which can lessen the positive affects you would otherwise be expected to obtain. If growth is your primary motivator then the ideal time will be when you see early signs indicating potential grass growth.

How Do You Apply Lawn Sand?

As lawn sand comes as a powder, it is very easy to just use your hands. However, using a spreader is likely to be much more efficient and will result in a more even spread. In either case, as the product is quite light and susceptible to even light breezes, it is advised that you select a calm day for your application. Mowing the lawn beforehand will also encourage a more even spread and thus make the process more effective.

Get the Best Lawn Sand in Perth

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