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Order Your Skip Bin for Household Cleanups in Perth

Do you have a lot of household waste to get rid of, but no way to get it to the tip?  You don’t need a ute, station wagon or a helpful friend to get rid of your household waste, Access Waste is here to help with the most affordable and easy to book skip bin hire in Perth.

Using our industry-leading online booking form, you will have access to the best skip bin hire Perth companies through a single portal, ensuring you are getting the best price and reliable service when you book skip bin hire in Perth.

Whether you need to clean out your shed, have just done a big yard clean up and need to dispose of green waste, have renovation rubbish to get rid of, or you just want to carry out a big spring clean, Access Waste gives you access to skip bins online at the most affordable prices.

For the best estimate of how big your skip bins need to be, you can look inside your garage and take inventory of your household items. Are there any large items in your home that you need to get rid of? You may need a large skip bin to dispose of furniture and white goods.

Where is the rubbish located? In the garage or back yard? Do you have rubbish everywhere? The area where you’ll put the skip bin will depend on where most of your rubbish will come from. After you have answered these three questions, you can proceed to hire a skip bin. 

Get The Right Size Skip Bin Hire at Affordable Prices

Once you have assessed how much rubbish you have to get rid of, it is time to select a skip bin online. One of the most popular choices for general home cleanouts is the 4m3 option that comes with a drop-down door for easy access. It is equivalent to four standard trailers or 16 wheelie bins.

Unwanted household furniture can be discarded. Sofas, chairs, tables, beds, home office furniture, any unwanted toys, tables, chairs, beds, home office furniture, books, can all be placed in the skip bin.

If you have any doubts about some of the gear you want to discard, give us a call at Access Waste and we can talk you through the do’s and don’ts of which items can be placed in the skip bin you have hired.

Keep in mind nothing of a hazardous nature can be placed in the skip bin. Nor can liquids, used nappies and food waste. Electronic waste is now deemed hazardous. Please discuss with us if you need to dispose of computers or televisions, or other electronic equipment, including appliances such as vacuum cleaners

Don’t overfill your skip bin. There will be a mark inside the bin that shows you where to stop when filling it. This is important, as, under Australian Occupational Health and Safety standards, we are not allowed to lift and remove an overfilled bin.

Taking the time to pack and stack is the surest way to make the most of your skip bin. Big items go in first. Big, smaller, and smallest should be stacked carefully and in ascending order up to the level where you have to stop.

Quick Delivery, Easy Pick Up

If you have never used a skip bin service, our friendly staff will evaluate how much space will be needed for the types of items you’ve decided to throw out. We have the experience and know-how to help you arrive at the right decision. If you need assistance ordering cheap skip bins, just call our local call centre on (08) 6377 9660.