how to load your skip bin hire the right way

How to Load Your Skip Bin The Right Way

Is your Skip bin hire in Perth empty, ready to be filled? Wait – put nothing in just yet. Getting the most from your rubbish bin hire is what we want. Many people get carried away when it comes to filling Skip bin hire in Perth. The problem is that they do not realise that loading rubbish bin hire is similar to playing Tetris.

Correctly stacking your items will help you get the most out of your bin. More space means you can throw away more items. In addition, your stacking technique can completely alter your pick-up situation. How would you like more room with an easy and quick pick-up? Keep reading below to learn more.

Tips for Filling Up Your Skip Bin Correctly

Calculate the right skip size for you

When renting a skip, the most important thing to consider is how much skip space your project will need. There are different skip sizes, ranging from 2-yard and 4-yard mini skips to 17-yard mega skips that can hold 160 rubbish bags worth of waste.

To help you determine what size skip you need, gather all your rubbish in one place. This will give you an idea of what skip bin size is right for you.

The Correct Waste Type Should Be Placed in Your Bin

In order to ensure that you choose the right skip for your garbage, we suggest that you research the waste types thoroughly before hiring a skip. A skip needs to be used for a specific type of waste; otherwise, it can increase your hassle and cost.

A skip bin designed for general waste may become too heavy after adding soil and concrete to it, especially if the skip is designed for general waste rather than bulky waste.

Remember that if you hire a skip for recyclable waste, but later decide to dispose of other mixed waste in the same bin, it will raise your costs. Once you have booked a skip, you should contact your skip provider as soon as possible if you need to change the waste type.

Filling Skips Efficiently

Filling your skip bin efficiently is the next step after hiring the right skip. It is important to load your rubbish in a manner that maximizes the available skip space. Organise the flat objects, such as plywood, timbers, metal sheets, and so on, at the bottom and oriented in the same direction. Make sure you break the larger items down into smaller pieces before placing them on the flat waste. Once it is full, make sure the skip does not tip to one side due to uneven weight distribution.

Don’t Overfill a Skip Bin

Overfilling a skip bin is a common problem. Customers that go overboard with waste filling end up paying more than they had anticipated. If there is too much waste in the skip, the skip company will not pick it up on the scheduled date and will have to schedule another date for offloading it or for hiring another skip. This ultimately leads to an increase in total expenditures due to increased transportation costs. You should make sure that no debris is above the bin’s top rail.

These tips on how to load your skip bin correctly should be of assistance and will help you to avoid unnecessary extra fees or confusion. However, in addition, we encourage you to contact Ezyskips Online on 0410 704 294 if you have any questions about skip bin hire, skip bin sizes or any other tips on getting the most out of skip bins in Perth, we are here to help.