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What You Should Know About Garage Door Service

Most of the homeowners in the Perth area would agree that the garage door is an essential part of their property. A garage door is the heaviest piece of machinery in the house, an asset that offers convenience to the homeowners to enter the house within a press of a button. Besides, a garage door provides others benefit, such as adding more value to your home, protecting your belongings and vehicles stored in the garage and many more. We can not neglect how vital the function of the garage door in our daily life, primarily as one of the main access of the home.

People usually realize how essential the function of the garage door only when it suddenly stops working. Prevent this unfortunate event happens to you, contact the experts of garage door service Perth to get a regular inspection and maintenance. Here we have listed some things you can expect when you hire qualified technicians to inspect your garage door.

What to Inspect During Garage Door Service

  1. the Moving Parts

Firstly, the technicians of garage door service Perth should do an overall inspection and look for any damages. They should check all moving parts of the garage door and see if there is breakage or rust in the hinges, roller, track, cable wheels and screws. They will observe the door’s movement, whether it’s jerky or smooth. Also, the technicians will identify the sound, check whether there’s grinding and scraping noise. Lastly, based on the overall inspection, they will serve you the proper solution to the issues they found.

  1. the Garage Motor Unit

Next is the garage door’s motor unit inspection. Make sure to unplug the motor unit first to assure the safety, then open the motor unit and inspect the antenna wire that is hanging down from the logic board. This component should be securely attached, or the technicians need to repair it if there are loose connections found. Then, they will also check if there’s a bulging capacitor or faulty sprocket. If so, the technicians of garage door repairs Perth will recommend you to replace it.

  1. the Spring Tension

The older your springs are, the more careful you need to be. No matter what type of springs you use, it will eventually wear and break. Garage door springs are a component that is under high tension and tightly wound. It is why better to leave this to the garage door service Perth experts. They will check each part and fix any faulty. If you contact them for regular garage door maintenance, it will help you to prevent causing further damages to the door.

  1. the Hinges

Hinges are a small part of the garage door which is usually ignored by the homeowners. Nevertheless, their function is essential since they assure the door opening and closing properly. Also, the hinges support the door to follow the track correctly and eliminate the swinging movement. If the hinges wear out, it will be harder to close and open the garage door properly and safely.

Once the screw plate becomes loose or deteriorated, it will need a replacement of screws along with new nuts and bolts. If the replacement doesn’t fix the issue, actual breakage may happen. So, the technicians need to replace the hinges entirely.

  1. the Signal/Battery of the Remote

Before calling technicians, make sure to check the garage door remote opener first. If it doesn’t work after you replace the batteries, let the technicians have a check on it. They will inspect the issue by pressing the ‘learn’ button on the motor unit to allow the remote opener to find a new signal.

Besides, the radio frequency interference from home security or garden lighting can cause the issue. For this case, technicians may need to replace the light bulbs with a new type. Also, keep away the video game consoles from the garage since it may make the remote opener stops working.

Hire the Professional Garage Door Services

Whether you find any issue on your garage door or not, consider to get it regularly inspected. Don’t wait until it gets malfunctioned, the broken garage will potentially invite the burglars. Ensure the safety and security of your family, pet and belongings by having a healthy garage door. Contact a reliable and professional garage door repair company to prolong your garage door lifespan and make sure all parts are functioning smoothly.