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How To Repair Ceiling Cornice Cracks in Five Steps

Your ceiling moulding and ceiling cornice features are a beautiful way to add a decorative feature where your walls meet the ceiling.

Ceiling cornice repair can be tricky, though. It is always best to call the team at Perth Ceiling & Walls for these kinds of repairs to ensure a quality finish and total safety.

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What Is the Difference Between a Ceiling Conice and Ceiling Molding?

A lot of people can get confused between ceiling cornices and moulding as they are both decorative features where your walls meet your ceiling.

Essentially, crown mouldings cover the surface of the wall and ceiling to provide decoration, just like the kind of crown worn by royalty. Cornices are a type of crown moulding.

These kinds of crown mouldings project outward and protrude at the roofline to create an overhang. Not only do they look great, but they also divert any leaks or moisture away from your walls, so they are a protective feature as well.

How to Repair Cornice Cracks

Because a ceiling cornice is located at a high point in the house, it can be challenging to repair it. Be sure to use a sturdy ladder with supervision, or better yet bring in the professionals to get the job done safely. For minor repairs, you can follow these tips:

The Supplies You Will Need:

Steps to Repair Cornice Cracks:

  1. Remove any loose paint or plaster along the crack(s) with the paint scraper.
  2. Combine the cornice cement with water and mix into a paste then apply to the gap.
  3. Drill the screws into the ceiling through the cornice and then wipe off any excess cornice cement to coat the heads of the screws.
  4. Once the cement has started to set, use the rag or sponge to wipe along the crack for a smooth finish.
  5. When the cement is fully set, sand and paint.

If you have any questions about ceiling repair – including ceiling cornice and moulding – don’t hesitate to call the team at Perth Ceiling & Walls.