When Your Home Needs Ceiling Water Damage Repair

Should you try to fix it yourself or should you call a professional? This is a question that crosses many people’s minds for numerous different circumstances. It can be tempting to save money and try to fix the problem on your own but there are many times this is not advised. Ceiling water damage is a common problem and it’s important to recognise when you should call someone in for ceiling repair.

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ceiling water damage

What Causes Ceiling Water Damage?

There are many ways that your ceiling may experience water damage with causes ranging from major storms and cyclones to relatively minor things like a leaky pipe, clogged gutters or the presence of pests. Older roofs are particularly susceptible to springing a leak, particularly during wet weather. Many appliances may also spring a leak, particularly bathroom or kitchen appliances. This is especially common if these appliances are on the second floor or higher as leaks will drip down through the floor and cause damage to the ceiling below. A humidifier in the attic can have a similar effect.

Can I Repair My Water Damaged Ceiling Myself?

You may be tempted to try and fix the ceiling yourself and if you are quite handy this is not a bad idea. It’s important that you prioritise your safety and accurately assess what has caused the water damage. This is because there are different categories of water with the first 2 being safe to handle. The first category consists of clean water. If the water that has damaged your ceiling is from a source that is suitable to drink, then it is likely safe to repair yourself. Category 2 entails previously clean water that may have been contaminated by appliances like dishwashers or washing machines. This type of water damage should also be appropriate to fix yourself.

When Should You Get a Professional to Repair Your Water Damaged Ceiling?

Any time that the cause of the water damage is an unsanitary source it is important to call someone with many years experience who knows how to repair a water damaged ceiling. Professionals like Southern Ceiling Repair have special equipment and therefore, they have the ability to differentiate between superficial damage that can be repaired and large scale damage that requires replacement.

Of course if you are simply not a person who is comfortable with DIY then you should call in a professional to help whenever you suspect water damage.It’s also important to call in a professional if you’re not sure what’s causing the damage as this will run the risk of recurring damage if you do not get the core issue fixed.

Southern Ceiling Repairs are the top ceiling fixers in Australia’s southwest with high quality workmanship and affordable prices.  So if you have a water damaged plasterboard ceiling or if you’re in need of plaster ceiling repair then call the experts today.