Giving Your Perth Bathrooms an Elegant and Durable Finish

Bathroom resurfacing Perth also known as re-glazing or refinishing is an important exercise in your home improvement program. It not only gives you a shiny, beautiful tub, it also brings along with it, added home value. You don’t have to wait until your bathroom is completely worn out or damaged for you to start scouting for bathroom resurfacing options.

Remember bathtub damage may be localized or isolated, but with time it gets distributed over the entire surface. It is up to you to arrest the problem not with the expensive replacements, but with cost effective bathroom resurfacing.

Bathroom Resurfacing Perth - Bath Repair | Natalie Interior

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Bathroom Resurfacing Perth

The first step in you getting a quality resurfacing solution is to explore what the market has and the recommended resurfacing compounds. Our technicians have been in this industry longer than most of our peers and have dealt with lots of surfaces including ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, and fiberglass. Literally, this means no surface is strange to us and we can give you a quality bath repair at an affordable cost.

The compound we use in bathroom resurfacing Perth bonds with the substrate at the molecular level thereby forming a permanent link with the original surface.

Bathroom Resurfacing Perth - Bath Repair | Natalie Interior

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The Resurfacing Process

Before any work is done, the affected bathtub and other surfaces are inspected to understand the extent of damage, cracking, or chipping. Thereafter, the identified surfaces are scraped, washed, and a solvent applied to the bath repair surface.

Etching is then done and a neutralizing solution poured before the bathtub is sanded to create a smooth surface. To complete the preparation stages, neutralizers and solvents are applied followed by an undercoat and about 3 other coats of the bathtub surface compound.

The end result of this is a smooth, glossy, and non-porous surface that will exceed your expectations. When it comes to selling your home, such a refinished bathtub will be an absolute plus in the buyers’ eyes.

The choice of colors is totally customized. We give you the privilege of working with our fully insured professionals in choosing the best colors that match the interiors of your home. The compounds used are quality, time tested, and elegant.

The bathroom resurfacing process also includes refacing your cabinet doors and installation of brand new countertops complete with stone finishes to enhance the ambience in your bathroom. The resurfacing is not just done blindly, but factors in all the environmental effects and how they come into play in choosing the compounds and materials used.  We understand Perth quite well and the materials that blend with the environment to form a formidable force for the future.