Garage Doors Trends in 2021

Garage Doors Trends in 2021

New year new you and it could be the perfect time for the garage doors makeover but you can’t impulsively do a repaint on the garage doors just because you feel like it or to match the season. There are certain factors you should consider for the garage doors makeover which can be the upcoming trends in 2021. Let’s understand a bit more about garage doors trends in 2021.

Paint it Bold

Yes, a repaint is one of the essential factors of a makeover but you need to have a specific colour-theme to make it happen. Bold colours are predicted to be one of the popular trends in 2021 because it will add contrast and unexpectedly complement your home’s exterior. Here are some of the bold colours that you can choose for 2021:

  1. Dark Grey – In general, grey colour can match every colour such as white, beige, yellow, even red. Therefore, repainting the garage doors with strong grey colour will give you a modern look and feel.
  2. Black – Ever heard the expression “elegance in black?”, that’s what you’ll feel once the doors repainted in Black along with sophisticated and clean looking doors.
  3. Red – You want to be bolder, then you go for the Red, eye-catching and definitely an attention grabber.

Unique and Improved Materials

In early 2020, vinyl and real wood garage doors materials are amongst the popular of choices for the residential garage doors. While they seem likely to be still on top of the list but there are other unique and improved materials that predicted to surge in popularity in 2021. Metal (steel, aluminium, etc), fibreglass and composite wood are beginning to get attention from every homeowner in Perth because of:

  1. Low on energy usage
  2. Low cost on installation and maintenance
  3. Easy to clean from any stains
  4. Improved durability
  5. Improved weather resistance

Eco-Friendly Garage Doors

Obviously, the terms of environmentally friendly have gained much recognition for the people of Perth in every sector. It will not be a surprise that in 2021 eco-friendly garage doors are amongst the top of the list of the residential garage doors. Eco-friendly garage doors are usually made from recycled and sustainable materials but the doors still need constant servicing. Opt-in for a reliable garage door service Perth in your local area to do the maintenance.

Glass Installation on the Doors

One of the steps to follow the sustainable way of life is by lowering energy usage including electricity. Installing a large window made from glass on the garage doors or opt-in for all-glass garage doors became a trend in the mid-2020 which predicted will continue in 2021. Especially, if the garage acts as a multifunctional space such as a workplace. Here are the benefits:

  1. Will make it easier for the natural light to brighten the garage
  2. Lower energy usage and bills
  3. The contemporary look of garage doors

Sophisticated Design

The rise in contemporary/modern house design and architecture these past few years has led people to do the same for their garage doors design. Made from a variety of industrial materials such as steel, aluminium, and glass the modern garage doors adding a clean and crisp look of the house.

Customized Garage Doors

It’s your doors so it should be based on your preferences, that’s why a fully-customized garage door will also be a trend to look up for in 2021. For an idea that you can use is try to blend the unique materials, styles, and hardware to design a bold, eye-catching door that makes a statement. 


With 2021 approaching fast, planning a garage door makeover could be a hassle, why not ask the help of your local garage door company and mention the theme that you want, surely they can provide the best of services. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.