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Factors Affecting the Cutting Quality of CNC Cutting Machines

CNC cutting machines are common equipment in industrial manufacturing industries due to their high precision and fast cutting speed. When judging the quality of the CNC routing machine, it is important to consider the cutting accuracy of the laser equipment.

CNC metal laser cutting machines are complex machines, and there are many factors that influence the cutting process. Therefore, if the control of the laser cutting machine is not managed correctly, the precision and quality of the cut will be greatly affected. The result may be a suboptimal cut. For this reason, it is necessary to investigate and analyse systematically the factors affecting cutting quality.

Factors That Affect Cutting Quality

Beam characteristics

Laser cutting’s notch width is determined by the beam mode and the spot diameter after focusing. In laser cutting, since the power density and energy density of laser irradiation is proportional to the laser spot diameter, it is necessary to minimize the spot diameter to achieve large energy density and power density.

Laser power

The power of the laser directly affects how thick the steel plate can be cut. Higher energy equals thicker material that can be cut. The heat-affected zone width, the slit width, the roughness of the cut surface, and the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece are also affected by this factor.

Cutting speed

Stainless steel plate cutting quality is greatly affected by the cutting speed. It is best to cut at the optimum speed for a smooth, slag-free lower surface.

Having too fast a cutting speed will result in spark splash, slag on the lower half, and even burn the lens; Having too slow a cutting speed will result in over melting of material, widening of cutting seams, and increasing of heat-affected zones; and finally, over burning of the workpiece.


Cutting efficiency is influenced by nozzle shape and height (distance between nozzle outlet and workpiece surface).

Focus position

By controlling the focus position, we can influence the notch widths, slopes, cutting section roughness and slag adhesion. Depending on the focus position, the beam diameter and focus depth on the workpiece will change, affecting the shape and flow of molten metal and processing gas in the groove.

Auxiliary gas

Material cutting involves the use of auxiliary gas, which primarily relates to gas type and pressure. Edge roughness and burr generation are influenced by gas type, pressure, nozzle diameter, and geometry.

The quality of laser processing depends on many factors. Understanding how various process factors influence the surface quality of laser cutting machine processing can help improve the surface quality.

In spite of how good the laser cutting machine is, some problems may arise during the actual operation. If you encounter any difficulties while using our laser cutting machine, please contact Tekcel immediately. Tekcel will do our best to offer you a timely solution.

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