Ever Wondered Where Your Rubbish Ends Up?

When we’re re-landscaping the garden, having a garage clear out or moving offices, we simply throw our rubbish into the industrial bin hire and forget about it. We never really pay much attention to what happens to our rubbish once it leaves our bins. We know those recycling initiatives are in place to reduce the overflow of landfill sites and there are rules and regulations governing proper rubbish disposal but what does that really mean? Well the next time you organise a mini skip bin hire, you may want to see what methods they use for rubbish and stock disposal. I asked a skip bin hire Perth specialist – WA Skips what they do with the rubbish, so read on and find out for yourself.

General Waste – Landfill

Collection vehicles remove general waste weekly. They take the waste to a land fill, where they dispose of the rubbish. Occasionally a handling plant breaks down the waste by eliminating metals but essentially it is the layer of dust covering the waste that helps break down the rubbish but as you can imagine this is an incredibly slow process and with 21.6 million lots of waste being dumped in landfill sites in Australia alone, the rubbish accumulates faster than it will ever decompose.

Recycling – Recycling Plants

The recycling vehicle will take Aluminium and also steel items, paper, cardboard, plastics and glass into a recycling handling plant where it is recycled to make new items. This is an infinite process and saves the environment, energy and money, helps create jobs and fuel the economy.

Chemical Waste

Chemical waste cannot simply be dumped in normal rubbish bin. The contaminants in the chemicals can corrupt garbage dumps and as well as contaminate the environment. Hazardous chemicals are taken to a permanent collection centre that includes aerosol sprays, poisonous substances, car oils, batteries, fuels, fertilisers, herbicides, pesticide, paints, glues and wood chemicals.

Miscellaneous chemicals like acids, gases, ammunition, swimming pool chemicals, batteries and photographic chemicals also falls into this category.

Hard Waste

A bin hire Perth is ideal for renovations, clear outs and office moves. Large materials such as damaged furniture, scrap steel, household appliances, bikes, mattresses/cushions are thrown in but what next? If the things still function, they will be taken to a second hand supply store-otherwise otherwise a recycling plant for recycling into something new.

Green Waste

Eco-friendly waste consists of garbage that quickly decays back into the atmosphere. The most effective means to dispose of green waste is turning into things like compost and topsoil which is then sold to garden centres.

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