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Effective Ways You Can Use Sand Supplies Around Your Home

In need of sand delivery in Perth? Finding good sand supplies in Perth can be tricky but with the help of a company like Premium Allsands, you can be sure you are getting quality sand for a great price. They can deliver any size load from 1m3 onwards and no matter what, ensure that you get the best sand prices per cubic meter in Perth.

Sand has a wide range of functions, ranging from art projects or textured walls to fire safety and oil spills. Many of these applications can be used around the house and can enhance your home greatly. By using sand effectively, you can make your home more aesthetically-pleasing, functional, and potentially even safer.

Some Handy Ways You Can Use Sand Applications for Your Home

There are many ways you can make use of sand supplies in Perth at your home. Here are some of the best sand applications for you to try:

Door stoppers

Sand can act as a fantastic filling for door stoppers. Although you may opt to make the holders a variety of ways, like repurposing a sock or by sewing different bits of fabric together, sand is a consistently great material to provide the filling. Whether you’re looking to keep the door open when the weather is warm or keep the drafts out when it’s cool, sand-filled door stoppers are a great choice.

Sandpits and playgrounds

Sand acts as a fantastic bedding for children to play on. A sandpit or other play areas might be a very great addition to your backyard. You can place sand underneath swings, slides or even below a tree house. The applications are only as limited as your imagination.

Candle holders

Sand can be a natural and safe way to hold your candles. This can be done by finding applicable containers like mason jars or vases and filling them up with sand to provide a solid foundation. This will then keep the candle firmly in place, preventing it from moving around and becoming a potential fire hazard. Not to mention the aesthetic charm that is produced as well.

Paint and textural finishes

Sand supplies in Perth can be added to paint to make brilliantly textured walls. For best results, you’ll want to add 4 to 5 cups of sand for every gallon of paint. Additionally, it can be used to enhance the rustic texture of other household goods like wooden furniture.

Oil and detergent cleanups

Sand can be a fantastic tool for cleaning up oil spills or laundry detergent among other things because it absorbs the liquid quickly and effectively. After clumps are created, cleaning becomes much simpler as you will not have to use excessive amounts of paper towels to remove them.

Best Choice for Sand Delivery in Perth

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