Easy Ways to Increase the Volume of Your Hair

How to get more volume in my hair?

Do you ever wish you had thicker, more voluminous hair that lasts for hours after leaving your house. People are using hair extensions in Australia wide to do exactly that. With the finest hair extensions in Perth you’ll be shocked to see that you can increase the volume of your hair easily. Here are some great tips to help you figure out how to give volume to flat hair and create gorgeous, lasting thickness.


For most of us, we tend to part our hair near the place where our hair naturally falls. This is all well and good but if your aim is volume thus us not the ideal place to part. Your hair tends to be at its flattest when it is parted where it naturally falls. For instant volume, why nor try changing things up? Flipping your hair back or switching your part to the opposite side can immediately create a noticeable increase in volume. This effect can be compounded (and perhaps give you a bit of an 80’s look) by blow drying your hair to the other side and then brushing your hair back to the desired place and spraying lightly.


For a soft volume addition, gently brushing the underlayers of your hair can really help. Start by tying up the uppermost layer. Then make sure you brush each section of the remaining hair, brushing them forwards at the roots. By giving each section a light spray and then letting the remaining hair down you will see instant volume growth.


A quick and easy way to give your hair a little something extra is to just flip your hair and blow dry upside down. This will naturally lift your roots which will give the impression of much thicker and fuller hair. Just using your hands and tousling your hair can be another way to enhance your volume and texture.

Creating volume with hair extensions

Luscious, voluminous hair never goes out of style. Arguably the easiest to add much needed volume to your hair is clip in hair extensions. With hair extensions, short hair volume can be significantly increased. You can have beautiful, natural looking hair which matches your colour and texture. They can be dampened, scrunched, straightened and curled, able to be styled however you like.

Clip in hair extensions in Australia can add instant volume to any type of hair but there are things you can do to compound this. By using a curling want you can create perfect waves and curls to exaggerate your voluminous look. Alternatively, reversing your hair extensions can lift the hair around your scalp giving added fullness.

Get the best hair extensions in Australia

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