How to Clean Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic mirrors make a terrific alternative to glass mirrors as they’re resilient to impact, lightweight, easily cut and moulded and safe. Acrylic mirror sheets can also be cut to any shape or size and used for more than just looking at your reflection.

Long-lasting, acrylic plastic sheets are perfect for a range of appliances, as a showstopper display feature or commercial areas such as gyms, kitchens and dance workshops.

Small house? Cutting acrylic sheets to fit on the back of doors will open smaller spaces and reflect more light into the area.

Cleaning Acrylic Mirror Step

It is no wonder that more and more people are turning their back on traditional glass mirrors. But what about upkeep and keeping them clean? Are they harder or easier? What is the best method to clean them and what chemicals would you need? Here’s my quick guide on how to clean your acrylic mirror:

1. The very first step is to eliminate any dust from the surface of your acrylic mirror by either blowing or dusting away any debris. Do not under any circumstances use your hands to wipe away the dust as this actually has the opposite effect and actually rubs dust into the acrylic sheet.

2. Clean the mirror using a premium lint-free microfibre fabric. Once you have done that, simply use a chamois natural leather cloth to blot dry instead of wiping. This will help dry the mirror while at the same time avoiding those unsightly streaks.

3. Don’t be lured into reaching for solvents, such as turpentine, methylated spirits or harsh chemical cleansers, as these will certainly trigger irreparable damage to the acrylic mirror sheet. You can however include a splash of mild soap and water if you like.

4. If your mirror establishes any type of light scratches, these can be eliminated quickly making use of a top-quality plastic polish as well as a soft towel. Comply with the instructions on the container and also gently work away at the scratches using little round motions. Ultimately, remove any kind of residue with a clean soft towel and your mirror will end up looking brand-new once again.

Where to Buy Acrylic Mirror

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