Christmas Table Decoration

It’s that time of year again. A time to celebrate, a time for family and friends and feasting! However if you don’t have the designing prowess of Martha Stewart, you can still create the most amazing Christmas table ready for your christmas feast and we’ll show you exactly how with our oh so simple guide!

  1. Use fruit to spruce up the Christmas table setting

Fruits don’t need to be restricted to the fruit bowl. Let them loose and use them as stunning (as well as edible) table top accessories!  Choose a colour theme and then simply layer a range of fruits such as apples, plums, grapes or lemons in different dimensions, heights and styles to make your holiday table one-of-a-kind. This is not only a great way to spruce up the Christmas table and the best bit…you can eat the fruit for dessert or as take home presents!

  1. Plaid

Plaid is really great way to give your Christmas table a really lovely traditional warm look and feel. Layers of red, gold and green plaid can be used as placemats or a table runner and will accentuate your table nicely.

  1. Back to Black

You can create a really stylish and sophisticated table decoration with a modern twist. As they say you can’t go wrong with black and adding a pop of colour or metallic accents will really add another dimension to your setting. Have a black table cloth and then include some black accents in your tableware through your plates, candles or ornaments. Layer your everyday black and silver china for a very modern, sophisticated look and add metallic placemats and name tags, Christmas crackers and napkin holders to bring out the black.

  1. Let there be light!

Christmas lights don’t need to be reserved for the tree. There are some absolutely stunning, battery-powered LED string lights which you can weave in and out of your table decorations an you can also add battery-powered lights to glasses or champaign flutes as a special replacement to candles for that added wow factor!

  1. Ribbons

Ribbon is an inexpensive means to really enhancing your Christmas table. When selecting one, as well as choosing the right colours for your look, choose wired ribbon, so you can easily mould the wire to get the desired look.

  1. Embellish glass bowls and stand

Embellish your glass bowls, vases, cake stands and load them beads, jewels and all things sparkly. You can even scatter glitter all over the table and add a beautiful beaded scarf as a table runner for that extra embellishment.

  1. Don’t forget the chairs!

Include a little holiday cheer to the rear of your chairs! You can get some cheap and festive Christmas bows or you can even hang a wreath, accessory or name tag on the back of each chair to really finish off the look.

The key though is to have fun. Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy experimenting with different looks and styles with endless options.

If you really want go to town and make your home extra special for the festive season, Natalie Interior Design is all rounded and equipped with the experts that will help you achieve your dreams fast and efficiently.