sagging ceiling

Here’s why your ceiling is sagging and how to repair it

Recently, you have discovered an unpleasant sight of a sagging ceiling at your living room or at the garage where you also noticed that there’s a sign of cracking in one of the sides of the sagging. Well, this could lead to major issues if left unfixed in a long period, therefore, a quick ceiling repairs action is needed to prevent any more damage. However, as the homeowner, you might be curious about the reasons for the sagging. There are certain reasons which could cause a sagging ceiling and here are some of them for your reference.

1. The property’s age

Age number plays an important role in almost every part of our life whether its impact directly or indirectly to us. Your current property’s age is one of the main reasons a sagging occurs where certain building foundation could be moved with seasonal temperature changes. With a newly-built house, the foundation is still a hard solid so there won’t be any immediate impact from the seasonal temperature changes. When the foundation is suddenly moved even by an inch or less, it creates a misalignment in the ceiling position resulting in the sagging condition.

2. Water leaking from the roof

Leaking in any situation will always create a problem, especially a roof leak. Leaking from the roof commonly caused by a hole in the roofing due to the intensity of the rainfall and also the age of the roofing itself. Over time the water that leaked into the ceiling gained a certain weight which pushing your ceiling plasterboard to almost at a breaking point, where the bulge on the ceiling becomes visible for you to see. It might be hard to check if your roof is having a leak but there’s a simple way for you to notice it by identifying if mould or stains slowly-growing patch on the ceiling.

3. Vibrations

Yes, any kind of vibrations whether it’s small or a large one could cause the ceiling gradually sagging. The garage ceiling is one of the common sagging cases caused by vibration because of the constant movement of the garage door which generating a certain vibration eventually impacting the ceiling, as we know that one of the garage door components is attached to the garage ceiling. 

4. Termite and Pests Infestation

Another common issue in every house in Perth is the termite and pests infestation which could be a frustrating issue to handle if you are not keen enough to get into details. Termite eats wood, with most of the house type in Perth still using wood as one of its foundation materials, their eating habits could be very destructive for your house ceiling condition. Therefore, prevent it by opting in the service of termite and pest removal service at your local area.

How to repair a sagging ceiling?

A sagging ceiling is a serious issue that could happen to every house in Perth which the biggest impact would be the ceiling collapse. You definitely don’t want this to ever happen, therefore, an immediate repairment is needed to prevent it. The first thing you should do is to identify the sagging location on the ceiling and note it down. Note, call the service provider of ceiling fixers Perth to do the repairment because it’s not something you can DIY, at this point you can mention the details along with the sagging location that you had identified. 


Whenever you noticed the mentioned above symptoms happening at your ceiling, it’s a perfect time call on the ceiling fixers Perth service provider because you wouldn’t know how bad the issue has been going on so it would be best to prevent it from going to the worse state and fix it to the optimal condition. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.