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Ceiling Repairs Albany – Like most things in the home, everything ages. Eventually parts of your ceiling may require ceiling repair for any number of reasons. And that’s where the seasoned experts from Southern Ceiling Repairs come to the rescue. Our team cover the southern tip of Western Australia, from Denmark to Albany, up to Bunbury and even Perth.

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Common Issues With Ceilings

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your ceiling, often as a result of water leakage in the roof. But even the simple shifting and settling of the home over the years can lead to issues and need quality ceiling repair.

Common problems that our team can provide a solution for include:

Quality Ceiling Repair

Whether you need ceiling repair Albany or ceiling repair Bunbury, the type of repair necessary will really depend on the problem. For instance, a collapsed ceiling is going to require a full replacement, whereas fine lines and cracks, after full assessment of the problem, will likely only need patching up.

Water damaged ceilings – often the result of storm water leaking into the roof cavity – can lead to discolouration of the plaster, sagging, mould growth or complete collapse. Our team can assist in every scenario; from propping and re-strapping a sagging ceiling, full ceiling replacement, and/or the removal of mould and patch up jobs.

Southern Ceiling Repairs Denmark WA

At Southern Ceiling Repairs we can help you out with all types of ceiling problems, including those mentioned above and more.

Our range of services includes the following:

All our quotes are free, including insurance quotes. Affordable prices and top quality work, along with our very broad service area, makes us your number one choice for ceiling repair in all of Southern WA. Call today on 0433 653 333.