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What is Brickies Sand and Where is It Used?

Due to its relative cleanliness, lightweight, and versatility, brickies sand is the sand of choice for construction projects. Known as fatty sand, it’s commonly used for brick and block construction.

Due to its high clay content, it repels water and, when mixed with cement, becomes stickier, making it ideal for bricklaying and block building. About 70 per cent of the mortar mix is sand; the remaining 30 per cent is cement, lime, and water and you can get premium brickies sand from the Premium Allsands Wattleup sand supplies depot. 

Many people in Australia do not know about brickies sand when they buy sand. The reason is brickies, or bricklaying sand, is most commonly used in bricklaying. Brickies sand is also available in a variety of colours, making it a good choice for landscaping and gardening projects.

Bricklayers Prefer Brickies Sand

Bricklayers prefer brickies sand because it blends mortar beautifully. Bricklaying is made easier when brickies sand is used. As a result, mortar and bricks are more workable and dry faster, reducing the possibility of bricks falling over. Click here to know more about what is brickies sand used for? 

Brickies sand even repels water, so it is great for landscaping and outdoor construction projects such as:

Brickie Sand Types

Premium Allsands Brickies Sand

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