Bathroom Vanity – Is it better to replace or resurface?

bathroom resurfacing

Bathroom vanity resurfacing and bathroom resurfacing as a whole is beginning to increase in popularity.  More and more people are realising the time and financial savings they can make when looking to refinish bathroom vanity and we take a closer look at this trend below.

Refinish Bathroom Vanity or Replace?

Bathroom vanity replacement requires the old vanity to be removed. However in most cases the vanity is in good working order and it is just the colour or a few stains and scratches that ruins the look. So to throw away a perfectly usable vanity is an unnecessary expense and is not great for the environment. Bathroom vanity resurfacing on the other hand is the absolute epitome of up-cycling! You can choose the exact colour and finish to resurface your bathroom vanity at a fraction of the cost and with professionals undertaking the job, you will get a result that looks as good as new.

Bathroom Vanity Resurfacing will save you up to 50%

The costs of replacing an entire bathroom are large because you have to factor in the cost of ripping out and removing your existing bathroom. You also then need to buy a new suite and pay for that to be installed alongside a plumber, electrician and tiler to retile the broken tiles damaged during the initial removal process. You will also need to hire a skip a portaloo and possibly a painter and decorator too.

Bathroom vanity resurfacing on the other hand gets rid of all that and can save you up to 50% over a full replacement. In fact you can refinish bathroom vanity and have money saved over for some nice little extras to really give your bathroom that luxe look. For example a nice new mist free mirror or heated towel rail.

How do I find a professional resurfacing?

Bathroom vanity resurfacing is almost always more affordable, quicker and easier than replacement. With Mend A Bath International you are getting a household name with a global reputation. They have supplied a top quality bathroom vanity top resurfacing and bathroom resurfacing service and solutions for over 25 years.

All their work is undertaken using their own uniquely tested and formulated resurfacing system. Their superior coating adheres to anything from cast iron to pressed steel, ceramics, PVC and acrylics and unlike some other products being used for bath resurfacing, the highly specialised Mend A Bath International enamelling product does NOT contain the dangerous isocyanate chemical.

As well as a quick turnaround, great workmanship from their highly trained technicians and huge price saving compared to a brand new vanity, you are also getting a 5 year guarantee.

To see how Mend A Bath International can refinish bathroom vanity cabinet for you, call them on  1300 885 865 and get a free quote. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.