Bathroom Resurfacing – Your Questions Answered

Is your bathroom looking a little old and also dated? Perhaps you are fed up of the 70’s tiling, the beige bathroom suite and laminate on your vanity is peeling off. There is nothing stopping you from changing it to your taste…except maybe your budget because let’s face it; renovations are expensive! There is another way however and that other way is resurfacing. Resurfacing bathroom Perth and resurfacing floor tiles are fast becoming the number 1 way to get a new look bathroom at the fraction of the price. Here is all you need to know about bathroom resurfacing:

What Is Bathroom Resurfacing?

If your bathroom is structurally sound, resurfacing is usually the better choice. Bathroom resurfacing is the process of using a brand-new coating to a defined surface area in the bathroom to make it appear like brand-new once again, without discarding and replacing perfectly functional hardware!

What Can Be Resurfaced?

Various surface areas in the restroom can be resurfaced such as your your sink, the shower unit, vanity, benchtops, resurfacing tiles and of course resurfacing bathtub and this includes materials such as porcelain, ceramic tiles, vitreous enamel, ceramic, metals and laminates.

How About Resurfacing Floor Tiles?

While flooring tiles can be resurfaced, it is suggested that this is not done as the foot traffic can wear the finish down quicker. So instead of resurfacing floor tiles, perhaps look at replacement with the money you will save!

Can You Resurface Yourself?

While there are DIY sets readily available, it is recommended that you have a professional do the resurfacing for you to make sure the best coating possible

What Design Options Are Available?

While you can select to refinish your surfaces in the very same colour as the original surface, you can change the colour of the initial surface area to any type of colour you desire. There are so many colours to choose from, you will be sure to find one to suit your vision.

Will Bathroom Resurfacing Conceal Chips, Cracks And Other Damages?

This is the beauty of bathroom resurfacing. Through this method you can successfully hide small chips and cracks after the issue has been fixed prior. However do not that if the damage is significant, it may be a better option to replace that item completely.

What Is The Resurfacing Procedure?

The resurfacing procedure includes cleansing the surface area thoroughly, fixing any kind of chips or damage, applying a primer, and applying the finishing coat/s. As soon as the surface area has actually cured properly, any type of needed caulking is added.

How Much Does Bathroom Resurfacing Cost?

The specific expense of resurfacing will depend upon the surface areas that need to be redecorated. Nevertheless, you can anticipate the cost to be approximately 75 percent less than changing than a complete bathroom renovation would cost!

How Long Does The Process Take?

Depending on the type of resurfacing system and also the treating time needed, you will need to wait in between 6 and two days to use your bathroom once again. This is of course much less than if you ripped the entire bathroom out and renovated it from scratch.

How Long Does Resurfacing Last?

Your bathroom once it has been professional resurfaced should last you another fifteen years or even more.

Where Can You Go For Premium Resurfacing Bathroom Perth Services?

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