Artificial Grass for Dog

Are you fed up of your dog digging holes and making a mess of your garden lawn. This is often an issue and normal and instinctive doggy behaviour, whether it be play, the release of energy, boredom or protective behaviours.  You still have to deal with it and naturally want your garden to look good too. That is where you should look for artificial grass Perth. Artificial grass for dogs is a great way to protect your garden and keeping it in tip-top condition.

Artificial grass for dogs

Our top quality and great value artificial grass for dog is a perfect solution. Not only does it feel good for them to run, jump and play in, but their paws will not get dirty or stuck in the mud during rainy days (and you won’t have to worry about muddy paw prints inside!)

It is also much safer for your pooch than normal grass which comes as a surprise to many. Sometimes natural doesn’t automatically mean it is the best. Look closely at your lawn and you will see many issues that can be of concern. Artificial grass for dogs is a safer alternative because the grass is non-toxic and there is no chance of prickly weeds, bindi, ants or allergy causing pollens.

Another worry could be the hygiene factor. However, you will find that our artificial grass is definitely hygienic and the right type of artificial grass installation will also drain well. This means that your doggy pee won’t build up over time and smell.

Why artificial grass great

Our grass is made of safe polypropylene nylon. It also includes a backing and soft cushion of material which includes sand polyester foam, and recycled rubber.

This makes the grass drain well from rainwater and make it incredibly safe and durable so you won’t have to worry about them destroying your garden lawn.

Other benefits of our artificial grass is that is long lasting, looks great and feels like actual grass.  Further more it is also environmentally friendly. Image the amount of electrical energy you will save by not having to get out the mover every few weeks!

But what about the price? Well artificial grass is so cost effective! Without the added cost and bother of watering and manicuring your garden lawn, the cost of the turf installation will pay for itself and you can spend the money you save on the little extras!

Minimal maintenance

The biggest plus is that artificial grass Perth is minimal maintenance. You will already have enough running around to do at work, at home and after your dog, you don’t want to have to worry about maintaining your lawn too?  Our lawn requires no No mowing, watering, fertilising or aerating. It is fade resistant and drains quickly after rainfall so you can enjoy the lush look and comfort of your lawn all year round with minimum fuss.

New Wave Flooring has a great artificial grass price. They can make your front and back garden space look and feel amazing for both you and your fur baby.

New Wave Flooring has a wide range of types of pet turf grass and will help you choose the right one for your needs.