7 Ways of Using Acrylic Mirror Sheets Instead Of Glass in Your Home

If you are looking for transparent surface areas, glass is the first thing that comes to mind. It has dominated the market and is the go-to for anything from windows to mirrors, to furniture and more. However it is also incredibly fragile, can be heavy and expensive. dominates the market. Over time glass has seen a decline and instead there has been a surge in the sale of acrylic mirror sheets.  Many people buy acrylic sheet due to it’s flexibility, variety, price and durability.

Acrylic mirror sheet products have numerous benefits over glass, especially for use in your own home. Acrylic plastic sheets looks just like glass, but are up to 20 times more stronger than glass and weighs much less.  In addition, acrylic remains almost clear; whereas glass (which has a greenish blue colour to it) sheds some quality when thicker sheets are needed.

Here are 7 ways you can transform the look of your home using acrylic mirror sheet.

Acrylic table tops: Glass coffee tables are prone to damages, as glass has reduced impact resistance. Buy acrylic sheet coffee table instead as the safer alternative to glass and maintain the very same influence on your design.

Reusable acrylic board for organising your life. Buying a new calendar or organiser each year can be costly and is not great for the environment. Why not spruce up your office space and make your own schedule and buy acrylic sheet instead? You can mark vital events on it with a white boards marker and reuse it each and every year.

Shelving: Glass shelves look great and add a touch of elegance and sparkle, but you have to be careful not to place anything too heavy on it or you could risk breaking the shelf. Acrylic plastic sheets can be made into any shape or size shelves and are the perfect replacement choice because not only is it much lighter in weight than glass making it easier to put up, but they are high impact resistance.

Acrylic bar chairs or stools: If you have a bar in your house and want a modern look why not consider n acrylic chair? It looks great and perfect for small places as the plastic chairs will look invisible and add more light through its reflective surfaces.

Acrylic Desk: With the advent of ever even more reputable web connections, more individuals are establishing a home office. You can add a minimalistic and sophisticated style to your home office by changing your standard desk with acrylic.

Acrylic room dividers.  Being scratch resistant, acrylic room dividers are ideal if you have open spaces you want to separate into functional areas. You can choose from a range of colours and make up your own design too to reflect your personality and suit your home.

Windows: With high impact resistance, your windows will be able to withstand flying balls, hail storms and more making them the perfect replacement for a glass window.

So if you’re ready to move away from glass and move to mirror acrylic sheets, you can buy an acrylic to suit your specific home upgrade project.

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