5 Tips for a first-timer buying a house in 2020

Congratulations you are planning to mark a new milestone in your lifetime which is buying a new house for the first time in Perth, WA. Not like buying a car or a mobile phone, buying a new house is on a whole new different level because there are many factors to consider, from A-Z. 

Buying the first house doesn’t always have to be a brand new build because a second or used house can also be an option, especially during these hard times where people desperate on selling their house, you might be able to secure a really good price. However, before you start picking a random house to buy on the property market, follow our tips to buy your first house in 2020.

Things to consider before buying a house

There are numbers of things to consider for a first-timer to own a house, it’s not only about owning a certain huge amount of money but also widen to certain matters to even simplest thing like the house colour. 

1. Budget-wise

Yes, budget is always number 1 when planning to buy a house, you can’t ignore it because it will probably be spending most if not the whole of your saving to a one-time payment. You can start by calculating your monthly income and monthly expenditure; as a family or single; then you will get a better picture of whether you can afford to buy a house in cash or not. If not, don’t worry there’s always a way. 

2. Home loan could be an option

Applying for a home loan is another way to own a house if your budget doesn’t reach the limit of buying it cash. This long-term payment is much more popular for the millennial these days because of the convenience and secure payment system. However, makes no mistake it’s still a loan which you should finish the payment of the selected due date plus interest so you need to fully understand which type of loan works for you. If you’d like the security of knowing the number of your repayments, then a fixed loan could be for you or if you think interest rates will be lower in the future, a variable rate might be more suitable.

3. Finding a house to buy

After you have secured a way to pay the house now it’s time to actually look for your dream house that you are planning to buy. You can start by searching online from the property market listing based on your budget, preferred location or type of the house. Please note that usually, the location and type of the house play major roles in determining the price of a house. 

4. Building inspection is a must

Now you have prepared the money and chosen the house of your dream to buy come to the next step the inspection. Even though it is a newly-built house you need to do an inspection because by doing so you will understand the condition of the building in details such as the foundation materials, the ceiling condition, the water flow system and many more, it’s a fundamental thing to do for a better living once you have occupied the house. Use reputable building inspection services in Perth to do the check-up for you and see what their report about it.

5. Planning for the furniture and decoration

Congratulations, if you are on this step which means you have secured the house of your dream. The journey has just begun because this is where the attention to detail comes in, choosing the perfect furniture and decoration for your new house or even the perfect colour for the garage door. Our recommendation would be following a certain theme such as sophisticated, rustic or seasonal your choice.


We understand that buying the first house could be confusing and stressful because of the things mentioned above just a glimpse of what you’ll be experiencing. However, we do hope that these tips could at least give you a better start of which step you need to take when planning to buy your first house. Thank you for reading and feel free to share it.