Waste Collection & Recycling in Perth

Waste collection in Perth and its subsequent management are vital parts of keeping the environment sustainable. Rubbish is something we all produce but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be mindful of it. There are companies that specialise in waste management and skip bin hire that provide top solutions for any waste issues you may be facing. They take a whole host of waste types and handle everything with environmentalism, safety and compliance in mind.

Waste type they accept

Skip bin companies are able to remove a wide range of waste from residential to commercial. Here are some different types of rubbish they take when they facilitate waste collection in Perth.

Residential waste

Everyone wants a waste free property. Luckily companies like Coastal Waste Management make it easy to dispose of all your rubbish in an environmentally responsible way. They can take care of all your household goods but they can also take care of toxic or otherwise harmful products. Examples include batteries, automotive fuel and fluids, garden chemicals, paints and solvents, household cleaners, light bulbs, aerosols and personal care products.

Commercial waste

Every good business is looking for ways to cut costs while being eco friendly. Commercial rubbish removal is efficient and cost effective, causing no inconvenience to your day to day operations. So get rid of the waste that’s just accumulating outside your shop or office. Manageable waste can include furniture, carpeting, green waste, damaged shop fittings, fences, food container, cartons and old e-waste like computers and printers.

How to choose the right bin for you

Although their skip bins are great for most residential and commercial waste disposal, Coastal Waste also offers other kinds of rubbish bins Perth. These include hooklift and front lift bins with a whole range of sizes available allowing for easy and safe disposal of waste for all industries.

Hooklift bins are usually ideal for commercial and industrial sectors when there is a large scale of waste produced. Bulky waste of all sorts, whether they are non-compactable, recyclable and non-recyclable alike. Construction and manufacturing industries also find this bin particularly helpful.

Front lift bins cater for mostly light industrial and commercial rubbish. Some waste that can be placed in this bin includes general light waste, food waste, plastic, cardboard, paper and non-hazardous, dry waste.

Compliance Systems, Environment Friendly and Safety Recycling systems

Coastal Waste is the waste management division of their parent company ECO Resources and one of the best recycling services Perth. The ECO group is committed to safety, environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance. They consistently seek new opportunities to enhance their customers satisfaction and increase the efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality of the services they provide. Consistently engaging with local and indigenous communities is part of their ethos and they encourage that they have access to employment and training opportunities. When you use ECO Resources (and by extension Coastal Waste) you are using a company that is more than just waste collection in Perth. They aim to create a better world one load of rubbish at a time.